To Bring Back is a podcast where in each episode I, Charis Poon, make an attempt to find the thing someone wants from their hometown in order to better understand place, movement, and the sense of belonging. It is a response to current events that seeks to demonstrate how inclusivity is valuable. To Bring Back is a podcast for listeners who care about these things: understanding place, movement, and belonging; poetic encounters with others; and seeing unremarkable things differently.

I asked London-based Europeans what they would like me to bring back for them from their hometowns, then I went looking for those things, and throughout the process I found my encounters with people to be beautifully poetic and saw seemingly unremarkable things in rich detail. To Bring Back was produced using methods of traveling through places, making recordings, being in correspondence, and combining materials designed in collaboration with Juliet Sprake as a way of navigating fields of enquiry.

You can email me at charis.ch.poon@gmail.com and see more of my work at www.charispoon.com.

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